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Designing, providing and fixing of Semi-Unitized Structural Glazing Three Barrier System. Aluminium Mullion Section (7.25 kg/12ft), Transom Section (3.55 kg/12ft), Sash Section (1.38 kg/12ft)  with Colour Anodizing / Powder Coating, 32mm x 32mm x 2mm thick aluminium angle for transom & Mullion joint,  50mm x 50mm x 2mm thick aluminium angle for Mullion to Mullion joint, 75mm x 65mm x 60mm x 6mm thick M.S Hot dip Brackets, S.S. Anchor Fastener (10mm x 100mm), S.S. Nut Bolts (10mm x 100mm), EPDM Gaskets, S.S. Toggle plate 10mm x 24mm x 3mm thick, G E / Alstone / D.C. 995 Black structural silicon,  G E /Alstone / D.C. 789 Black weather silicone, & all necessary hardware  etc.

Glass: 6mm thk. Saint Gobain makes Saphire Green Reflective Toughened Glass.


Four bar S.S hinges with Locking Systems.