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We are specializing in custom shape wall louvers, decorative louvers, louvered sunshades for the architectural construction market. In selecting wall louvers and vents, consideration for your application is critical to your project success. Louvers are designed to allow air into the building while keeping out unwanted elements. Improper louver selection may lead to water leakage. We have wide range of Galvanized Steel Louvre & Aluminium Louvre, which are Super Durable, Powder Coated.

Our Solutions has already been reputed for futuristic designs both for the grand exterior and the cozy and fabulous interior, blending the aristocratic mild luster of premium aluminium with the magnificent and see – through – air quality glazing. We admit that we are choosy regarding design plans for all the consignments, obstinate to shuffle wildest imaginations and to bear burning quest for innovations. Still, we hold the banner of pride high, with flying colors of achievements, the fruit of collective effort by hand working professionals of remarkable distinction to make endless dimensions of premier, novel and beauteous Louvres for you.

We have wide range of Galvanized Steel and Aluminium Ceiling & Louvre which is electro statically Epoxy, Pure Polyester & Super Durable Powder Coated or Coil Coated. Panels can be Plain or Perforated.

Product Range:

Exterior Louvre: U Shaped Baffle Multi Shaped / SL-4 / SL-5 / H-3 / 84-R.

Metal Ceiling: Clip In & Lay In with Various Sizes, 84C, 84R, 84RF, Plank C Beam, 150F, Baffle Screen open type & Z Shaped Open etc.

Kindly ask for Technical detail, Price, Samples etc. for Specific Project inquiry. We glad to fulfil your any query.

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