A building’s skin can define its value, performance and architectural expression – at Satori Consulting,
everything we do, from concept design to implementation and renovation, is design-led and underpinned by technical rigor.

” All other Design Aspects, Engineering Aspects and Selection of Material for Façade Glazing and Cladding
are left to the Choice of the Glazing Contractor.

A sentence is always incorporated in the B.O.Q ”

Façades and building envelopes – which form the outer skins of buildings – project image and creative intent.
Increasingly, they are also understood as important environmental moderators and key influencers in project risk and commercial success.

A thoughtfully designed skin can make a new building work more effectively for its owners, occupants and environment.
It can also transform the performance of an existing building.
Satori Consulting façade solutions synthesise each facet of value. Our approach is based on ingenuity: it is performance and business focused – in other words, we do more for less. Everything we do, from concept design to implementation and renovation, is design-led and underpinned by touch of originality.
Strategic decisions. Typically, a façade’s cost is equal to that of a building’s structure. Satori Consulting independent advice helps owners and developers negotiate the associated commercial, technical and programme risks. We can also
identify well-considered façade solutions that add value to new and existing properties –
from enhancing durability and producing energy savings to re-positioning an occupant’s brand.

High performance

As the interface between interior space and exterior environment, a building’s skin plays a crucial role
in heat and light exchange. Its performance in that role affects occupant comfort and productivity, energy use and running costs.

We also work closely with product designers and cladding manufacturers to create innovative façades with new materials.

Scope Of Work.

A- Project wind load calculation report.
B- Façade Total system design.
C- Façade shop drawing (As per- Floor plan, Section, Elevation, Part Elevation & Details)
D- Preparing the project boq.
E- Advice on all latenrative option of facade, Product specification & make
F- Preparing the façade total work estimate .